Discover the power of a synergetic blend of premium ingredients with our selection of anti-aging and beauty products. We sought out the expertise of experts in the beauty product industry to engineer a powerful selection of products.

The Science Behind DFNDCO Beauty Products

Our engineer and scientific formulas include powerhouse ingredients from nature like Red Clover Flower Extract Titrated in Biochanin A, snow algae, Brazilian Black Clay, and Bioactive Silt. These ingredients offer up superior benefits that help your skin look its best.

Benefits Galore!

We believe if you’re going to buy skincare products you should buy the best. That’s why we’ve used science to design products that offer up the greatest benefits for your skin. Here’s what you can expect from our facial masks, moisturizers, and beauty products.


Protect your skin from hypotonic stress and UV dehydration with our aqua homeostasis targeting products that progressively rehydrate each layer of your skin. Stave off harmful UV rays and day-to-day stress with the ingredients in our products. Seriously, you’ll love what these products do for your skin!

Pore Shrinking

Reduce the size of those pesky pores with our cleansing products. Enjoy a more youthful and healthy appearance with the superior ingredients in our skincare gear.


We are all about supporting the environment, which is why the ingredients in our products are sourced from sustainable producers. Enjoy luscious organic and all natural ingredients manufactured from the best sources when you choose DFNDCO beauty products.

DFNDCO—Science-Based Beauty

Your beauty care should reflect your goals to look your best and feel your best. Our products help you do it. We use science to formulate our skin care products, including our facial moisturizers, beauty masks, and cleansers. Choose beauty products that don’t suck, when you shop at DFNDCO.

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